Krilinda Aliandara

Daughter of Lord Duhek


Krilinda Aliandara, the fourth daughter of five kids of a minor lord in Dawnfire Citadel. Her father, Duhek, is the lord of the The Rise, where he has a small estate, land for crops and a number of hills for gracing. Her childhood was easy compared to most; she had a private tutor, was treated fair and was given most of what she wanted. From an early age she was able to make friends easily, she just had a way with people that her kindness and smile just relaxed people around her. Father Lozaa, the local church priest saw something in her from an early age and keep an eye on her as she grow up and became close friend to Krilinda. When she became of age, her parents had plans to form an alliance with another lord by offering Krilinda to their oldest son, but Krilinda had other ideas…….

Instead she ran off with Father Lozaa help, to a follow her strong believes of Thues. She wanted to travel the lands and learn to become a cleric of Thues. For the next few years she traveled the country side as a acolyte studying with a number of priests. She could never stay in one location for long, as fear her father would send men to take her back. It was hard to blend in being a Samsaran, even with being as outgoing as she was, people still did not trust her or keep their distance. Lucky for her, she was able to complete her studies and became a priestess of Thues. Her final test was to return to her family estate and face her biggest challenge, her dad.

She travel home but was met by her oldest brother, Ganalla, on the road outside the estate. He informed her it might not be the time to visit dad and to come back at a later time, as her dad has been sick the past month. He was worried what would happen when he saw her. She ignored his warning and continued on. Entering his chamber shook her to her core, but she had to overcome the paralysis she felt, she walked in and gave her dad a kiss on his head, waking him to a shocked and angry look. He started to speak and just stopped breathing, her mom came running in to help, but Krilinda focused on her training and faith……… took her dads hands in hers and began to pray and felt her faith embed his body, after a few moments her dad began to breathe again, her mom in shock began crying and hugging her dad, as she watched Krilinda stand and walk out.

The next day she received word a local settlement sent word they needed help as there have been a number of missing children and adults over the week and that the church would like her to travel out with a group investigating the incidents. Upon getting to the town they find out weird things have been happen at night and they have been finding webs out in the crops. So they setup watch that night and a couple giant spiders enter the town and the group dispatches them. It is decided to follow the tracks back to their liar and make sure they clear out all the spiders. They trek out and find a cave in the hills outside of the town, they enter the cave and find it infested with giant spiders and spider swarms. It was a tough fight most of the guards with her were killed, she was bitten multiple times, and was sick for weeks.

During her recovery, she was visited by Ganalla. He heard what happened and wanted to check on how she was doing. After they spoke, he told her if this was something she was going to do, she needed to be trained to be able to defend herself. So for the next months he trained her in combat, had her speak to the local sorcerer and teach her some basic skills in arcane and with what she learned from him and her studies of creatures of the lands she hoped she be ready for the future.

For the past couple years, she has been traveling the lands, spreading the word of Thues and helping with weird incidents of evil plaguing the land. Most of her family had disowned her even with what she did for her father. Her younger sister was instead shipped off and married, and from what she heard from Ganalla, it was not good for her, as he likes to put his hands on her. Jemarah her other brother joined the army and is a commander for one of the regiments; she does not hear much from him and hopes he will be safe. Ganalla is in charge of the defenses of their family estate.

Krilinda Aliandara

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